2nd Annual Mobile TV Screenings and Awards at MIPCOM 2006
GO! Best Original Made-for-Mobile Film or Video Content
GO! Best Repurposed Content from Existing Film or TV Property
GO! Best Made-for-Mobile TV Channel
GO! Best Format for Interactive Mobile TV
GO! Best Mobile Format for User Generated Content
Nominees for Best Original Made-for-Mobile Film or Video Content
Nina Taieb Orange Partners Company Israel

“Ninet Live", a daily mobile documentary-reality series, follows Ninet, Israel’s most popular vocal artist and Pop Idol winner, taking on the challenges of completing her long awaited music album.
"Ninet Live" is an interactive 70-episode series that crosses a number of media platforms: mobile, internet and television.


Go Go G-Boys

Sky Digi Entertainment Taiwan

The First 3G Gay Movie in the world!! Digital HD drama for 3G phones (available in 24 episodes). Winning a top prize for 10 million, finding your true love, and…defusing a terrorist bomb! All happen in an unprecedented gay beauty contest!!!

Forget the Rules Global Dilemma Pty Ltd Australia

Forget the Rules is a cheeky comedy/drama series targeted at the 18-30 age group.  It features an original interactive format and it broadcasts all episodes on Mobiles, Broadband and TV. The first 13-week series (39 x 3 minute episodes) was on-air in Australia October 05 – January 06.

Medical Island Studio Animal Co Ltd Korea

Animation series in which the creature of a mad scientist takes control of Medical Island and develops bionic weapons. Armageddon threatens (52 episodes).

10 Things Eject Media South Africa

10 things is a weekly list of pretty much anything we think people will find interesting, amusing, or just plain entertaining. From the Top 10 Bushisms  to the 10 Most Evil Children In Film – there isn’t much we haven’t covered in our made-for-mobile episodes.

Czech my Tits Fizz Mobile UK

Czech My Tits is an innovative, cheeky, made-for-mobile entertainment series that focuses on mans fascination with breasts. If we add a cheeky host, some sexy girls, a TV camera and some cash, will they overcome their modesty?  Funny and curiously addictive

Jokes Green Paddy Animation Studio Taiwan
Humorous animated clips for young urban people to keep them in a good mood. Paddy Animation Studio builds on the new culture of information reception via the mobile platform, providing downloadable 30-second to 1-minute creative and engaging shorts to everyday life entertainment, encouragement, communications and education.
The REEL DEAL Westpark Foundries USA

Every week four friends and occasionally one robot get together to talk about the movies they’ve just seen. Korey, along with cast members Martin, Chris, Cargill, and the Co-Host 3000, think the rest of the world is ready to hear their chit-chat. As if that wasn’t enough to feed their egos, the cast makes available their ramblings, globally, on Mobile, VOD, IPTV and their low-budget website.

Nominees for Best Repurposed Content from Existing Film or TV Property
AsiaCNBC Mobile News CNBC Asia Pacific Singapore
CNBC Mobile gives you the competitive edge to stay ahead with specially made-for-mobile business news and headlines that you can access anytime, anywhere. Our unique and high quality on-demand programming, is customised for the mobile screen, incorporating a mix of graphics, voice-overs, videos and talking heads.
On This Day in History ITN ON UK

On This Day in History - a 90-second video for every day, making use of classic video from ITN’s library.  The ITN On production unit which specialises in specific content for mobiles takes the raw footage and produces mini programmes with high class graphics and crafted scripts. The 366 features cover world issues from the Tsunami to the invention of the supermarket trolley - an excellent example of using existing assets for new media platforms.

Sans Transition Canal + France

This content is specially repurposed for internet and mobile use. It is a sequence of a well known content broadcast on CANAL+: LES GUIGNOLS.
The purpose of this content is to provide internet and mobile users the possibility to access a well known and appreciated programme in a format more adapted to these platforms.

24:Mobisodes Series 20th Century Fox Television -
Fox Mobile Entertainment

With its 24: MobisodesTM Series, Fox Mobile Entertainment brings all the action, intrigue and explosive suspense of each televised episode of 24 right to your mobile.
24: MobisodesTM will allow people who haven’t viewed the televised series to enjoy the show while giving fans a fun, new way to catch their favourite Jack Bauer moments.

Barrio 19 MTV Networks International UK

MTV's latest underground show 'Barrio 19' showcases some of the world's best street talent - beat-boxers, freestylers, street magicians, wok skaters and graffiti artists. Innovatively, these self-contained and custom-captioned mobile TV editions were aired throughout the world prior to the main TV broadcast, underlining MTV’s commitment to breakthrough digital platforms.

Nominees for Best Made-for-Mobile TV Channel
NHK Mobile-G Channel NHK
(Japanese Broadcasting Corporation)

NHK Mobile G is a 24-hour channel operated by Japan’s public broadcaster. It delivers a seamless blend of TV and data content that is not subject to bandwidth limitations. It also gives users links to websites for mobile devices while they are viewing content.

Wildlight Film Channel WildLight Channel Ireland

The Wildlight Channel showcases fresh and original short-form film content from around the world. The channel features animations and live-action shorts that are particularly suited to small screens and a mobile audience. One of the main aims of the channel is to encourage and facilitate an increase in filmmaking for the mobile medium.

Smoonix TV Ace Entertainmnent France

A made for mobile Channel providing exclusive animated content targeted at  teenagers & young adults.

Hip Hop Official GoTV Networks USA

GoTV’s Hip Hop Official is the first on-demand mobile television channel dedicated to the hip-hop lifestyle. It’s the best-selling mobile hip-hop channel in the world and delivers news, music videos, gadgets, fashion, games, concerts, and artist interviews with Snoop Dogg, Talib Kweli, and Rakim, in addition to other top artists.

Nominees for Best Format for Interactive Mobile TV
Popstar Sophie NeoNetwork Italy

Grab the challenge of the new interactive adventure, made for UMTS and 2.5G terminals.
Live as a protagonist in an intriguing multimedia game set in the world of music and seduction. Through videos, and thanks to your managerial capabilities, you will transform the “girl next door” into the popstar of the year. The complex and coherent plot puts the heroine’s fate in your hands.

Forget the Rules Global Dilemma Pty Ltd Australia

Forget the Rules is a cheeky comedy/drama series targeted at the18-30 age group. It features an original interactive format and broadcasts all episodes on Mobiles, Broadband and TV. The first 13-week series (39 x 3 minute episodes) was on-air in Australia October 05 – January 06.

Get Close to ... Sugababes Endemol Mobile and O2 UK

Get Close To... is a unique and specifically ‘made for mobile’ Endemol reality show; where users can influence the girls’ actions and where the girls have filmed their own unique, personal content using NOKIA N90 handsets.
In the first series, O2 users were encouraged to submit UGC including questions, requests and suggestions for the girls via MMS, SMS and e-mail supported by dedicated web and wap sites.

Nominees for Best Mobile Format for User Generated Content
3 Mobile's
See Me TV
3 Mobile UK

See Me TV is the first mobile service to publish customers' own content and pay them each time someone views it. The service combines a simple user interface, an easy way to upload content, and payment in cash, via PayPal. Over 13m home videos have been watched on See Me TV.

Soccer Addicts Buongiorno Italy

Soccer Addicts is the first interactive talk-show on football, bringing the views of the fans to the fans. It brings audience participation to a new frontier, offering the opportunity to co-author and co-produce the show itself. The same concept stretches to include new ingredients like community management and UGC.

TINTO BRASS Video Community Mishell Italy

The world famous master of erotic film and sensual cinema, Tinto Brass, brings you a multimedia extravaganza. You can send your amateur videos, Tinto Brass will watch and publish the best contributions in a highly exclusive online channel. What are you waiting for?

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